Meet the Prettie Girls!

The Prettie Girls! are unique in their physical attributes as well as their individual personal stories, goals and inspirations, capturing the essence of positive attributes that every little girl can embrace. In fact, the term “Prettie” stands for Positive, Respectful, Enthusiastic, Truthful, Talented, Inspiring, and Excellent. Styled for play, yet filled with soul, The Prettie Girls! set high values-based standards for “pretty”- positive goals that reach across the globe and up for the stars!

The Prettie Girls!™ are diverse in culture, interests, and style! These hip young girls attend the Dream Academy of Excellence, a school where dreams can come true – so long as you work hard! They come from countries across the globe and no matter what they look like or where they are from they believe that beauty comes from within. In the Prettie Girls’ world every girl is awesome and amazing!

The Prettie Girls! believe that we all live on this planet together, and that we can all be friends if everyone gives their best, respects others, and never takes life for granted! The Prettie Girls believe in getting excellent grades, helping their communities, making mindful decisions and most important of all— taking their futures seriously!


Meaning: Smart/Sophisticated 

Lena is fun, fresh, exciting and has made being smart cool! Her friends call her “The Wiz Kid” because whatever she puts her mind to, she comes out on top! She loves to learn and is always willing to help other kids with their homework or school projects. She is a straight A student, spelling bee champ, and top fundraiser on the cheerleading squad. Setting goals is key; next move, class president! If there is a science fair, you can bet Lena will come home with 1st place!

My favorite color: Red

My favorite food: Cheeseburgers

My favorite subject: Math

My favorite passtime: Video games

Favorite Childhood Memory: Family vacations

I’m “Prettie” Amazing At: Getting good grades

I Love: Reading & laughing out loud!

My “prettie” embarrassing moment: Walking in the mall with my cute outfit on & friends in tow, and I took a tumble. 

I’m “prettie” because: I achieve my goals!

My motto: “Never hide your intellect”

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Meaning: Healthy & Strong

Loving life is Valencia’s claim to fame!  As a part of her passion for life, Valencia is all about working out and eating right! As a young athletic girl, Valencia focuses on being the best she can be.  Whenever you are around Valencia, be ready to move!  She’s a party all by herself!  To be around her is so much fun because she is always moving and grooving to the hottest song, as a way to stay fit.  She loves watching cooking shows to test her healthy meals skills on her friends.  With her fun way of cooking healthy foods along with exercise tips, you can almost smell her own show coming to a network near you!

My favorite color: Turquoise

My favorite food: Fresh veggies

My favorite subject: P.E.

My favorite thing: Good chocolate! (In moderation)

My favorite childhood memory: Slumber parties with my friends and learning to cook with mi abuela.

I’m “prettie” amazing at:  Softball!  I’m a lefty, home run queen!

I love:  Jumping rope and writing in my diary.

My “prettie” embarrassing moment: Sliding into home base and split a big ole hole in my pants.

I’m prettie because:  I love to help people.

Motto: “Let’s move!”

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Meaning:  One who is beautiful and sweet!

Kimani is beautiful on the inside and out.  She is the best friend anyone could ever have. You can trust Kimani with your ultimate secret. When it comes to needing the perfect outfit, the right jewelry or any fashion tip, Kimani is the go-to-girl. Nothing can shake Kimani from experiencing joy. She is a spit-fire, energetic free-spirit, who marches to the beat of her own drum. Artistic and creative in nature, Kimani loves the arts and dreams of red carpet moments. Watch for her name in lights!

My favorite color: Emerald green

My favorite food: Spaghetti and every kind of fruit!

My favorite subject: English

My favorite thing:  Reality shows, all of them!

My favorite childhood memory:  Going to the waterpark every summer.  I had a blast!

I’m “prettie” amazing at: Coloring, painting and drawing!

I love:  My skin, lollipops with gum in the middle and caramel apples at carnivals

My “prettie” embarrassing moment: Losing my tooth in a caramel apple!

I’m “prettie” because:  I am a loyal friend!

Motto: “Always be your best!”

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Meaning: Gentle, Considerate or Kind.

You can always count on Dhara for a good, belly aching laugh! With an energy that is electric, Dhara is a natural born comedian, and loves being the center of attention. With a brilliant mind and quick-wit, she is loved by all, especially by her adorable puppy Chance, whom she rescued from a shelter! She is passionate about doing her part to save the planet and wants you to do the same – are you recycling?

My favorite color: White

My favorite food: Popcorn and pickles! Is that weird?

My favorite class: Social studies

My favorite thing: Serving others

My favorite childhood memory:  Playing with my favorite puppies.

I’m “prettie” amazing at: Knock-knock jokes

I Love:  Fairy tales, animals, sunshine, recycling and planting in my garden

My “prettie” embarrassing moment:  Laughing so hard I accidentally snorted. Totally embarrassing!

I’m “prettie” because: I respect my parents.

Motto: “A laugh a day keeps the sadness away”

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Meaning: Defender

Alexie is flying high on life, literally; she loves hot air balloons! Born two months early, she has been fighting against the odds from day one. Because of her positive “can do” attitude she has embraced all the good things in life and always looks at the glass as half-full!  In grade school, Alexie found herself being picked on by bullies because she was so much smaller than the other kids. Because of this, Alexie has a soft spot for the underdog and has been crowned “The Defender” since she stands up for other kids who are bullied. She believes in fighting for what’s right and ALWAYS speaks her mind.  Alexie is fiesty, fun-loving and full of charisma. Her adventurous spirit leads her coming up with fun new experiences with her friends. Her BFF is Lena!  They met while singing in the glee club together and have been best friends ever since. The glee club led Alexie to discover her passion for singing and performing.  She’s no stranger to the winner’s circle at any talent contest and is certainly Broadway Bound! Look out New York, Alexie has her sights on you!

Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite food: Milk shakes

Favorite subject: Science

My favorite thing: Playing bingo with my grandmother!

My favorite childhood memory: Family camping trips!

I’m “prettie” amazing at:  Protecting my friends!  Don’t mess with Alexie!

I Love:  Flying high in hot air balloons!

My “prettie” embarrassing moment: Going to the amusement park with my friends and being too short to ride the roller coaster.  Ugh!

I’m prettie because:  I’m confident and happy all the time!

Motto: “I love being me!”

Check out Alexie's adventure journal

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Meaning: Dreamer

Hana is whimsically weird, and everyone loves her quirky, fun and over-the-top personality. She is just as unique as the unicorns she collects. On one hand, Hana is a bit of a tomboy. She loves to get dirty and even has a tool belt; her friends call her Miss Fix-It! On the other hand, she’s a girly-girl and enjoys playing dress-up and experimenting with her hair.  She likes to express her unique style using her wacky, wig collection. One day her hair is orange, and the next day it may be blue. Hana adores babies, especially their “new baby” smell.  She loves babysitting on the weekends and reading to kids is one of her favorite things to do. A BIG dreamer, Hana’s heart is set on becoming a pediatrician so she can take care of, and cuddle, babies every day. Hana has a big heart and loves to find ways to help other people. Through her caring spirit, she encourages her friends to volunteer their time, skills & allowance money to give back to their communities.

My favorite color: Blue – all shades

My favorite food: Spinach

My favorite subject: Reading

My favorite thing: Fruity popsicles

My favorite childhood memory: Helping to build my handy hut

I’m “prettie” amazing at: Lending a helping hand

I Love: Dancing, baking, babies and collecting unicorns

My “prettie” embarrassing moment: Dancing at a recital and my tutu fell off.

I’m prettie because: I’m different and quirky

Motto: “Be true to you!”

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